Groundbreaking technology in Media

First Media Vision offers innovation in the industry of digital advertising. Our platform is distinct, user-friendly and clears every detail.

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There is a need for each vendor to comply with the latest technology that is available in order to get to the top.

The advent of the medias such as video, social, and mobile have induced a progressive evolution in the market as we see it.

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Our platform is comprised of an internal core and external protocols. This is how we render valuable insights to you in real-time.

There are two types of algorithms that govern this:

Algorithms of IT

that focuses on evolving the performance of IT.

Algorithms that govern big data

that gives valuable insights about a lot of important data on-the-spot.

IAB Standards
Fueling Programmatic Advertising

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Experience in getting the depth of data right.

Our expertise in the areas of database architecture, optimization analysis, and reporting ensures a seamless process leading to accurate results and insights which are suitable for startups and established companies.


The quality for the audience

We are pioneer in rendering traffic from every source through utilizing amazing features such as detection of real users, white and black lists, and intense check on behavior through the API settings customization.