A unique programmatic platform and advertising network.

Direct API connection, AI technology and machine learning tailored for all major ad players, ad servers and protocols.

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Customized approach is the key to integrate and start easily.

With us, your ad campaigns would never bring you down. There are no complexities involved. Our knowledge about the trends of the present and the predictions about future would take your advertising campaigns to a next level.


You can have every kind of advertising format here in one place.

Be it the native, display, or video, we can connect any type of creative media no matter how they are represented (tags or RTB). This integration approach allows our users to manage his methods of delivery to anyone, self or partners.

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Online advertising at its best

Our success is the result of the overall structure of the platform that we have created. It includes a central core which consists of multiple algorithms. Surrounding this core is the outer layer meant for customization purposes which in turn deals with the external entities that are connected to the system.

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  • Optimization of CPM inventory

    On the spot optimization of line item, size of the banner, country, and frequency, or collectively the eCPM (KPIs).

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  • Direct authorization of API to the advertisers, and that too through self-service.

    Valuable insights of all important aspects of campaign sources including the addition of real-time data manually.

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  • Availability of all media types under one roof

    Bidding is done in an advancement environment. There is no susceptibility of malicious advertising, scanning of creative ads, or elimination of wrong ads. Management of data latency and web-analytics.

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